World awaits visa decision, delay slammed as Australian Open drawn

The world is waiting for a decision on the tennis star Novak Djokovic visa, with Immigration Minister Alex Hawke coming under increasing pressure to make a call.

Djokovic was included in the Australian Open draw yesterday after no decision was made to allow or cancel his visa.

Mr Hook has the power to order Djokovic’s deportation, after the court ruled that the world number one should be allowed to remain in Australia.

Looming on the horizon is a decision to cancel Novak Djokovic’s visa. (AFP)

Djokovic was previously detained by the Australian Border Force upon arrival in Melbourne last week, on the grounds that he did not qualify for a medical exemption from the COVID-19 vaccine requirements.

This morning, Senator from Independent Tasmania Jackie Lambie called for an end to the long wait.

“Why is this still dripping from the faucet? Why didn’t the minister do anything about it?” Senator Lampe said today.

Fans led by Djokovic’s family rallied in Serbia after the tennis star was arrested in Melbourne. (AFP)

“If he’s going to do it on character, because they think his surrender has been lied to, then, you know, that’s what we do when our kids play in school. They’re sent home.

“So maybe it’s time to stop this catastrophe, and end it once and for all without a faucet dripping and making up your mind.”

She asked why “Minister of Immigration Alex Hawke has disappeared at work”.

Immigration Minister Alex Hawke.
Immigration Minister Alex Hawke has been urged to make a decision. (nine)

“If you can’t decide on Novak Djokovic, my God, how do you guys run the country? This is absolute chaos,” she said.

“Not to mention what makes us look to the rest of the world. It’s totally shocking.”

Former Australian tennis star Sam Groth said Djokovic’s situation has been frustrating to his fellow players.

“A lot of players have made the decision to vaccinate, whether they want to or not, to be able to come and play at the Australian Open,” he said.

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“A lot of the players who made that decision just to be able to come down to Melbourne Park feel it’s one rule for Novak and one rule for everyone else.”

Border Force is investigating whether Djokovic provided false information on his travel permit.

The saga initially sparked outrage in Djokovic’s hometown of Serbia, where his family led rallies in the streets, while in Melbourne, crowds gathered outside Djokovic’s temporarily booked hotel for the weekend.

But that enthusiasm waned somewhat after Djokovic admitted to breaching the COVID-19 isolation rules in Serbia, a crime that could lead to his imprisonment.

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