Watch live: Funeral of European Parliament president David Sassoli

Officials from the European Union and Italy bid farewell to David Sassoli, the former president of the European Parliament during his state funeral on Friday.

Sassoli passed away on Tuesday at the age of 65. He had been ill for several months after a bout of pneumonia in September and had been hospitalized since late December due to the abnormal functioning of his immune system.

His funeral at Santa Maria degli Angeli in Rome, the church where state funerals are held, will be attended by Italian President Sergio Mattarella, and Prime Minister Mario Draghi.

The highest-ranking holders of EU institutions will also attend to pay their respects, including Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, Council President Charles Michel and Acting European Parliament President Roberta Mezzola.

Mattarella and Draghi were among the many mourners who attended a ceremony with the Sassoli family on Thursday while his coffin was in the state.


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