Vignaroli (M5s) posta video con kalashnikov. Iv, si dimetta – Politica

The head of the Environmental Mafia Committee Stefano Vignaroli posted a video on Facebook of him firing a Kalashnikov at the shooting range. Asked by Repubblica about his gesture, the parliamentarian defended himself by explaining that he had a firearms license and that he did not see anything unnatural in a safe exercise. But controversy erupted immediately.
“For Stefano Vignaroli, ‘there is nothing abnormal’ in posting a video in which he is shot with a Kalashnikov. Clearly not only lacks a sense of opportunity, he lacks a sense of decency, he should quit.”
Rep. Silvia Frigolent, chair of the Italia Viva group, explains: “If it is not unusual for the head of the Ecofie Committee to be depicted on social media wielding a weapon of war, a symbol of mafia violence, complete with a soundtrack, it is not surprising that he would describe Member of Parliament of the Republic that he is not suitable for the role he occupies and requests his resignation.”

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