Usa: Mitch McConnell si ricandida leader repubblicani in Senato – Nord America

IN (ANSA) – New York, Jan. 12 – Mitch McDonnell will re-nominate himself as the leader of the old big party in the Senate. This was announced by the same American politician from Kentucky. McDonnell currently heads the Republican minority in the Senate.

“I intend to re-nominate myself as leader again this year,” he told reporters, silencing any rumors of a possible reorganization within the GOP chain of command.

McDonnell, who turns 80 in February, will seek re-election despite separating from former President Donald Trump over allegations of “stolen” elections in 2020 and the attack on Congress on January 6, 2021.

At the moment, no Republican supporter is planning to run against McDonnell for the same position. (Dealing).

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