Un altro dramma nella Manica, morto un migrante di 20 anni – Europa

Another terrible day of pain and death in the English Channel. This morning a young immigrant who was trying to cross the strait between France and England with thirty other people died in a small boat, off the coast of Berk, in the French province of Pas-de-Calais. By the province of Boulogne-sur-Mer, quoted by AFP.
The victim, about twenty years old, will be Sudanese, identified the district attorney who opened an investigation into the premeditated murder.
This is the first death of a migrant in the Channel in 2022, after the tragic outcome of 2021, in which 30 migrants were killed and 4 missing. According to the public prosecutor, the other 32 people who tried to cross the Channel with the young victim were brought back by French rescuers back to Earth “safe and healthy.” ‘, but in the case of ‘hypothermia’. The local prosecutor determined that the migrants were on a “semi-rigid rubber boat”.

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