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Djokovic trains in Melbourne ahead of visa decision; The World Health Organization approves new treatments.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing more allegations of his office throwing “rave parties” while no one else in the country has been able to socialize due to strict rules on social distancing.

The latest information – which was published in the Daily Telegraph late Thursday – revealed that there were two separate parties departing on the night of April 16 last year.

Johnson was forced to apologize on Wednesday after it emerged he attended a gathering in his office during the May 2020 lockdown, but insisted he believed it was a work event.

Police said they will not investigate unless an internal investigation finds evidence of possible criminal offenses.

Summary of other recent developments of COVID-19:

  • United States President Joe Biden said his administration will buy 500 million COVID-19 tests quickly to better deal with the spread of the Omicron variant.
  • French teachers have begun a strike over the government’s “chaotic” virus strategy for schools.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) is considering whether to extend the global public health emergency it declared over the coronavirus nearly two years ago.

Here are the latest updates:

More party reveal for British Prime Minister Johnson

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing new allegations of partying in his office while citizens have been asked not to gather at social events due to the coronavirus.

The right-wing Daily Telegraph says the latest gatherings were held on April 16 last year – on the eve of Prince Philip’s funeral – despite rules limiting the size of gatherings at home and abroad.

The newspaper’s political correspondent Tony Diver tweeted the report, saying: “No. 10 had two raucous parties before the Queen mourned Prince Philip alone. The staff drank and danced at times until the early hours of the morning.”

Johnson is already under pressure, with some in his party calling for his resignation after he admitted on Wednesday that he attended a drinks gathering for employees during the lockdown in May 2020. He told Parliament he believed it had happened.

Djokovic practices as the clock approaches the Australian visa decision

Tennis star Novak Djokovic began training in Melbourne this morning as the Australian government prepares to announce its decision on his visa status.

Immigration officials canceled his visa when he arrived in the country last week ahead of the Australian Open, citing insufficient evidence of medical exemption from the coronavirus vaccination.

This decision was overturned by the court.

The top men’s tennis player is awaiting a decision on his visa from Immigration Minister Alex Hawke.

Novak Djokovic does business in Melbourne Park where the Australian Minister of Immigration is considering whether to revoke the player’s visa [Diego Fedele/AAP Image via Reuters]

WHO approves new treatments for COVID-19

The WHO expert panel added two additional drugs to its guidelines for recommended treatments for COVID-19.

Baricitinib, also used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, is highly recommended for patients with severe or critical COVID-19, in combination with corticosteroids. Sotrofimab, an experimental monoclonal antibody treatment, has been given a “conditional recommendation” for those with non-severe COVID-19 but at higher risk of hospitalization.

You can read more about that story here.

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