Udinese – Atalanta / Il direttore Pierpaolo Marino: “Questo non è calcio…”

Juventus did not allow the coach and players to speak, but only the manager of the technical area. Here are his words for the university

Post-Udinese match – Atalanta was so excited. No one spoke on behalf of the Bianconeri except for technical zone director Pierpaolo Marino. He tried in every way to defend his team and above all attacked Lega Calcio for Management approaching decency. Let’s go see his words and the full interview.

My presence is due to sending a team to martyrdom today. Risking the health of both the hosting players and the visiting players. A club that has not played for five days and has not been able to train for that period. Peto even went negative this morning, and others just last night. This is not football. Players who are not worthy were sent for martyrdom from a football point of view and from a players’ personal point of view. Then complete:The league did not take into account the team that has two positives per dayRegular, for a week now. What happened today is useless, it is for the broadcasters, neither for Lega Calcio nor for anyone. Today, there was also a risk of more serious injuries, precisely because for about a week no one was able to enter the field. “

In the second part of the interview, he explained his attendance at the conference and his misunderstanding of the university’s decisions.

We were willing to do anythingBut above all, it is not possible to resort to the assessment report on the day before the match. Today we had to bring the isolated players onto the field. Only this morning we were able to gather the members and found themselves at the hotel. Today they were all heroes To leave the game open most of the time. What happened is absurd and above all does not protect my men. Today I am here to defend everyone and we need to defend the history and fans of a glorious club. I haven’t attended the league in a few years, but What I’ve experienced in the past 24 hours means I hit rock bottom. “

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