Travis Head’s second Ashes century gets Australia out of trouble on day one of fifth Test in Hobart

Travis Head saw Test cricket return to Hobart with a stunning horn to pull Australia out of trouble on day one of the fifth and final game of the Ashes series.

Having been reduced to 3-12 in the first session of the Test, the header tied 101 with a belt to put Australia back ahead in the match, ably backed by Cameron Green (74) and Marnus Labuchagny (44).

Those three hits led Australia to 6-241 at logs on day one, which was called early for late showers in the night session.

The day started poorly for Australia as Joe Root won the draw and set Australia for the paddle on a green floor under an overcast sky, just as the Tour of South Africa did at the last Test in Hobart in 2016.

On that day, Australia was choppy for just 85 and seemed to be going that way again on Friday.

David Warner (0), Othman Khawaja (6) and Steve Smith (0) all went with a start to day 10, and had to be joined by Labushagne when he beat Ole Robinson in the snips, but Zach Crowley couldn’t hold the two-handed grab.

Instead of going out for a four-ball duck, he joined up with Labuschagne with Australia who fell at 3-12 and immediately got off the ropes swing.

After a devastating opening spell for Robinson and Stewart Broad, Labuchigne and Head scored 53 points from the next seven hits, attacking Mark Wood and Chris Wox.

The pair scored 71 off 72 balls and looked like they were headed for dinner until Labuchagny completely missed, ending up flat on his face and thrown by Brod in the second half before halftime.

Stewart Broad threw Marnus Labuschagne an amazing 44.(Getty Images: Steve Bell)

The news worsened for England after dinner as Robinson managed to beat only one before recovering with an apparent back injury and failing to run for the rest of the day for a team that had already stole from Ben Stokes’ bowling.

Meanwhile, Head continued his attack with Cameron Green in the evening session and took over as the series’ leading scorer as he added to his 152 tally from the first Test, breaking into his second ashes from just 112 balls.

Unfortunately, he had gone on day 113 when he delivered Woakes straight to Robinson in the middle of the day, which he didn’t avoid doing twice earlier while trying to get off 99.

Suddenly, Green, the big tuck player, continued in the evening session to a second straight score of 74, eventually stowed away in the middle of a deep wicket after Wood selected a body-style volley of goalkeeper with a leg-filled side pitch.

Only nine balls were thrown under the lights as it started to rain in Hobart, and Mitch Stark (0) and Carey (10) were unbeaten overnight.

Look back at how today’s play evolved in our live blog.

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Fifth Ash Test in Hobart

Written by Simon Smil

The main event

Trunks: Australia 6-241: Curry 10 (27), Stark 0 (5)

Getty Images

Well that’s very disappointing, as there didn’t seem to be much rain at all, even the referee overseeing the replacement of the covers had his canopy removed.

That means play starts at 2:30PM EST tomorrow, so a half hour ago, but I’m sure I’m speaking for everyone when I say we’ve been loving more cricket today.

So where do we stand, England started like a bull at the gate, storming through the top-ranking to leave Australia 3-12 thanks to 10 sums of superlative quality from Stewart Broad and Ole Robinson.

However, the wheels stalled, and England once again demonstrated its extraordinary ability to turn a position of power into a noticeable weakness.

Marnus Labuchagny counterattacked before his hilarious squawking of his legs threw the middle torso before lunch, yet Travis Head continued Australia’s comeback from the canvas, scoring a close-to-run goal before catching Robinson after cutting a century. .

Cam Greene was also good, making a 74, but he also fell into a good plan against Mark Wood, who went to 6.9 all over on a day too costly for the fast.

I, Simon Smil and he, John Healy I’ll be back nice and starting tomorrow (okay, ve 2:00 p.m. EDTWe hope you’ll join us next.

Written by Simon Smil

The covers are back…

We have to be back before 10:30 PM EDT, so that little sneeze from the sky might be the end of today’s play…

I say sneezing, it doesn’t look like it’s raining heavily – there’s nothing to even show up on the camera on the ground.

Apparently we can’t play until 11pm anyway, despite what the playing conditions say, due to the local rule which means floodlights have to go out by then to please the locals.

Written by Simon Smil

Play will resume at 10:15 PM AEST

So 15 minutes of time and we’ll have 45 minutes of playing under the lights at the end of the day.

Written by Simon Smil

Just catch up with the scorecard. Don’t tell me England never played the roller coaster again, or he didn’t throw the ball?


Yes, no Jack Leach.

Joe Root has had some abuses, 0-35 out of 10 overs.

Getty Images

I don’t actually think it’s a bad decision because Ben Stokes is unable to run and land on the green side.

Root can be perfectly serviced as an administrator.

Written by Simon Smil

Oh dear, it looks like Nada Ghazir has boycotted the game.


I mean, I’m not in Hobart, so I don’t want to discredit the judges’ decision, but it never seemed to be going so hard…

Written by Simon Smil

The covers are coming!

The judges are coming in and taking a small look at things, and it looks like the staff on the floor are making preliminary preparations to remove the covers!

Happy news guys.

We are waiting to see if/when there will be a pitch check, but a cover-up is a good thing.

Written by Simon Smil

What’s going on with the rain delay, Simon?

Were they secretly playing in Sydney this whole time?


Nope, we’re definitely in Hobart.

The TV cameras just showed the floodlights, and it doesn’t seem to be raining much, after all…

Radar doesn’t have much either… (Bellerive Oval is a great red).


The covers are still though.

I think, when you go out for a light hustle, you have to wait until there is no light hustle …

We were told he has an hour to play so there is very little time for them to clean everything off the field.

Written by Simon Smil

Quiz cricket is a funny game

These photos of Travis Head were taken 2 minutes apart.

Ecstasy to torture in the space of two balls.


Written by Simon Smil

Written by Simon Smil

For no reason at all, I would say the weather here in Perth is beautiful


Nice in Cape Town too at the moment, if we just name random places where the weather is nice right now…

Fox Sports

They seem to have a domain all set up and everything…

Written by Simon Smil

The main event

Rain delay: Australia 6-241: Curry 10 (27), Stark 0 (5)

Written by Simon Smil

Over 60 – Mark Wood

shooting! Beautiful cut off his back foot from Carey, who nearly decapitated Paul Wilson.

Now Wilson and Rod Tucker get together – there’s some fine drizzle in the air, that wasn’t even caught by the cameras…we’re playing.

Curry gets under a short ball from Wood.

Wood is approaching the wicket now – curry ducks under another.

Oh no, the rulers meet again…

number! We are coming!

Boos poured out from the stands with much greater intensity than the mist of light coming from the sky.

Players walk.

We will have a short delay.

Getty Images

Written by Simon Smil

#59 – Stuart Broad hopes to benefit

First up for Carey, who moves to 6 of 24 balls, brings Mitch Starc to the pucker.

Starc is coming ahead of Pat Cummins for this audition. He is the fifth seed in Test cricket…

Starc defends hard, then lets the ball go past the outer edge a few times.

Wide abroad to finish the match from Broad, who shuts down with every ball, that’s the effort he puts in.

Written by Simon Smil

Green out! Clings straight to a deep square leg!

Getty Images

The plan worked, Wood smeared him with butter and then had him take the short ball, playing straight to Zack Crowley on the fence.

Wood came back around the wicket for that ball as well, and the angle change was just messing around with Greene’s radar.

Great Cam Green innings finish with 74 of 109 balls.

Written by Simon Smil

Over 58 – Mark Wood again

A better chase this time from Wood to Carey, who is out of the way.

Wood then sits next to his leg and gives Kari another easy off strike, at which time he taps his hip for one leg to square leg.

bounce, bounce! A good ball from Wood, Green didn’t know how to play it and wears one on the gauntlet. It might have been painful but Green ignored it.

Other short wooden bowls, under which are green ducks.

Green defends the next far.

Written by Simon Smil

ABC Sport: Luke Bowden

Written by Simon Smil

These shots from Green got me distracted


They’re so distracted, it’s in plush condition.

Written by Simon Smil

57 More – Stewart Broad Again

England options are limited with Ole Robinson apparently out. Broad will have another one.

Carrie get one.

The green leaves the first ball he faces outside.

Now Green has to move forward on defense.

shooting! Green machetes sneak through the field and get another four from the full delivery of Broad. Perfect hood drive.

Another engine, this time brilliantly, acrobatic, stopped at the hood.

Written by Simon Smil

56th place – Mark Wood, 0-70 from 9 times, comes on again.

There’s a man on the border of a square leg, a deep square leg, a square leg, a third man, a short leg coming in as well. One slip. Wood comes around the wicket. A little leg theory for the Jolly Green Giant.

He defends the first down his feet.

He hits! Not a bad ball, 145 kilometers per hour but the ball didn’t even carry Billings behind its stumps. Low guard at the moment.

shooting! Beautiful wicket push box for four from Green! Not a good ball from Wood, not for this heavy pitch.

Getty Images

Now the duck is under the guard.

Another guard, this time from above the wicket, from which Greene easily descends.

This time, Greene defends a shorter ball away.



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