Tragedia sul set: Baldwin, collaboro al 1000% con le indagini – Mondo

“Any suggestion that I am not complying with any inquiries, orders, requests or orders regarding my phone is a lie.” Alec Baldwin In a video posted to Instagram, he returns to the tragic death on the set of ‘Rust’ for director of photography Helena Hutchins. He asserts that he is cooperating “1000% with the investigation” after submitting a request to confiscate his cell phone.

The representative explained that the authorities in New Mexico, where the shooting took place, are coordinating with the authorities in New York state, where Baldwin lives, to obtain the phone, adding that it was a long process.

“Obviously, we will comply with 1,000% on all requests. We totally agree,” the representative said. On December 16, the US police officers in charge of the investigation authorized the confiscation of Baldwin’s cell phone, which was carrying the gun that fired the real bullet that killed the director of photography by mistake. The actor has always claimed that he never pulled the trigger and in an interview he asserted that he had “no idea” how a real bullet could end up on the set of a movie.

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