Toti, Berlusconi rischia di fare la fine di Prodi – Politica

“If he doesn’t check the numbers well, Berlusconi risks ending up like Prodi”. He repeats respect and affection for the knight but Giovanni Totti, his former political advisor, governor of Liguria and co-founder of Coraggio Italia, invites him to reflect in light of the election of the President of the Republic. “Waiting for a tribal and Balkan vote,” Totti says in an interview with the Nineteenth Century.

“For affection and history Berlusconi can count on my support. But he must check carefully before going to Parliament with the risk of slipping as happened to Prodi,” adds Totti, who views the vote for the Quirinale as a turning point in Italian politics. “The state of the pandemic, the government’s actions, the necessity of the legislature’s continuity, the continuity of the PNRR: all the issues that go beyond the election of the President of the Republic,” he adds. And the conservative is clear about Draghi’s role.” He has all the qualities of being President of the Republic, and I found some misplaced angry reactions when he reminded politics and parties of some of their duties. Some interpreted it as making themselves available to Colle. I don’t know if he meant it, but I will not find anything strange in it. It is a potential choice with high quality, and then the quality is not enough but there must be a convergence of many parties and the insurance of other institutions, such as Palazzo Chigi. This government is a kind of political commissar. Now I expect evidence of maturity from Parties: a co-chairman is elected as arbiter or a resource like Draghi is used, to define a new governmental structure.”

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