Tornano in piazza i no vax, domani manifestazione a Roma – Cronaca

The return of the people of La Fax to Rome. After weeks of absence, the galaxy of acronyms opposing the obligation to vaccinate and use the green lane met in Piazza San Giovanni. It will not be a “march”, as it was announced a few days ago, but a demonstration without a procession in which about five thousand people will participate. Numbers reported significantly limited participation, but the police leadership nevertheless arranged a series of initiatives to strengthen controls. Across the city and at toll booths, from the early hours of the morning, inspections are scheduled to prevent violence as happened last October 9 when the CGIL headquarters was attacked, mainly by Forza Nova fighters. For this issue specifically, five other precautionary measures have been applied today in the context of the measure that also includes Roberto Fiori and Giuliano Castellino. As usual, the people of “No” used social networks and in particular Telegram channels to meet in the field. In chats, threatening tones. “Let’s do as in Kazakhstan, that’s enough!” , the writing that appears under the poster in which the demonstrations were announced.

In fact, the event in Rome will not be the only one scheduled but protest sit-ins will be held all over Italy. In Milan, the appointment is at Piazza 25 April. The initiative, organized by Italexit Senator Gianluigi Paragon, is expected to be attended by French virologist and Nobel Prize winner for medicine in 2008, Luc Montagnier. Other events planned in Turin, Venice, Naples and Palermo. The risk of violent infiltration at the demonstrations was also mentioned in the Rome magistrate’s order against the five new suspects in the assault on CGIL. Among them is also the Catania president of Forza Nuova. Giuseppe Bonanno Conte ended up under house arrest because he and others were accused of taking an active part in the blitzkrieg that began during an anti-pass protest. Genoese Andrea Savia, associated with the anti-Green witness movements, was also under house arrest, while the Degus informed the Bologna family that he was obliged to remain in the commune of residence and presented to the judicial police against two Romans. “The offensive intensity of the disputed behavior and the imminent organization of another demonstration, which was scheduled for January 15, at the invitation of the no-fax movement – writes the judge – strengthen and make the precautionary requirements in force as they have always been.” For the judge, “it is necessary to intervene with officials who prevent now and in the near future from exploiting the manifestations of free and peaceful thought, and dangerously insinuating in rallies to feed the minds of rioters and incite violence.” A few days ago, public prosecutors in Claudio Square had already asked for this matter and obtained an immediate verdict for 13 people, including the two historical leaders of Fn. The trial is scheduled to begin on the second of next March. The charges against the defendants, depending on the situation, are incitement to commit a crime, vandalism, and resistance to a public servant.

Finally, today, again in Rome in Piazza Boca della Verita, a demonstration was held by members of the police and armed forces, protesting the measure of suspension from service for those not subject to vaccination. The initiative, in which about 150 people participated, was organized by the “Angels of Salvation” committee. One of the promoters was also fined 400 euros because he was found without a permit in a hotel in the capital, during searches ordered by the police.

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