Torna Doc e ascolti volano, Argentero vi stupiremo – Tv

As Italy prepares every day new positives in Covid, Dr. Andrea Fanti returns in prime time on TV, to whom Luca Argentero has lent his face and smile, and his team of doctors, with the second season of Doc in your hands and their ratings back to Rai1: more than 7 million and a share 30.5%, with a peak of 34.8%, not to mention social interactions, and is immediately the subject of a trend.
Doc has chosen to deal with the pandemic and the coronavirus. The cast, at least in the first episode, proved to be a winner, and there weren’t quite a few twists and turns. Two unexpected events: the pregnancy of Giulia (Matilda Giuli) and the death of Doctor Lorenzo Lazzarini (Gianmarco Sorino) from the virus. In the cast of Pierpaolo Spollon, there are also new cast of new characters, such as Giusy Buscemi, Gaetano Bruno and Alice Arcuri who plays Cecilia Tedeschi. Argentero, in a statement to ANSA, shared his joy with all his co-workers and thanked the audience: “I am very happy that the spectators have confirmed their love for Doc and the heroes of his novel but the best is yet to come, so I hope that viewers will continue to follow us on Rai1 also in the next episodes because it will not be There is a shortage of surprises.” And it shouldn’t be forgotten that at the end of the two episodes yesterday he announced: “I still have a valid contract in this hospital. This is my oath,” says Dr. Fante, who joined the board, while Cecilia Tedeschi asks for Doc to be removed.
Perhaps the series’ bravery is the way it tried to re-read the February 2020 realities that literally upset our lives. The hospital, the center of the characters’ lives, in this first episode becomes the center of the whole of Italy. Patient 1 or O is revisited in Doc 2 reality, he’s inside the hospital and he’s a doctor.
Produced by Lux Vide and Rai Fiction, Doc marks the second season’s best-selling appearance in terms of engagement. Success observed, in higher percentages of the general public, impacts the most valuable targets: in particular, women between 15 and 24 years old (33.6%) and between 25 and 34 years old (32.5%)) and graduates (34%). Rai novel director Maria Pia Amirati satisfied: “It’s a mature series Doc – In Your Hands, and it says about the quality that the Italian novel has reached, to match the expectations of the audience, for the richness of the narration, for the strength of the actors and the novelty of writing and directing. It is a good start to the season promising and promising. for imagination.”
For Rai1 director Stefano Coletta, “It is not only a medical story, but an emotional story that owes a lot to the naturalness and authenticity of the cast, starting with Luca Argentero and Matilde Gioli, and very tense writing and directing, full of innovative features.”
“Today our country is winning – confirms Luca Burnaby, CEO of Lux Vide – and winning a story around which the hearts of more than 7 million spectators have gathered. This Doc season has been envisioned in the darkest period of the pandemic. It grows with the desire to tell the pain, but also with the hope of a country facing its toughest challenge. in recent decades.” And Dr. Fante, as narrated by Matilda Burnaby, president of Lux Vide, is loved even beyond Italian borders. The Czech Republic, a sign of its uniqueness and originality with universal appeal. On November 19, 2020, Part Two of Season One had closed with great fanfare, at 8.5 million, 30.8% (ANSA).


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