Telefoni pieghevoli, Google Pixel Fold spunta su Android 12L – Hi-tech

MILAN – Android 12L is an update to the existing operating system from Google designed for large screen, foldable devices and tablets. If you still do not know the release date of the update, the first information contained in a beta version shows the work that the American giant is doing in creating its first mobile with a dual screen. In the instructions for use of Android 12L, especially in the section that explains how to insert a sim card, a phone with a flexible screen appears with the Google brand. According to 9to5google, which found the animation, it’s the Google Pixel Fold, which the company’s part of the Alphabet group should unveil within a year. The information in which the terminal appears can be checked by anyone who is part of the Google testing program for new versions of Android.

The update in question is in the second beta of Android 12L, which was released in the last few hours. The 9to5google portal analyzed the images to elicit the possible dimensions of the smartphone. It will have a 7.6-inch internal panel, equal to that of the Galaxy Fold Z3 and larger than the Oppo Find N, the only foldable phone that comes close to Samsung’s design. Regarding the development of Android 12L, despite the proximity of the release of Android 12, Google confirmed the good trend in the market for devices with larger screens than classic phones, among foldable devices and tablets: “We have noticed an increase in foldable devices, with an annual growth of more than 265 %. There are currently more than 250 million active Android devices with wide screens.” (Deals).

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