Talent Garden con Var Group, formano esperti cybersecurity – Tlc

(ANSA) – Rome, Jan. 13 – In response to the shortage of IT security experts in Italy, Talent Garden in collaboration with Var Group is launching a training course on cyber security. Today, “IT security has become one of the biggest challenges, because companies and public administrations are often unprepared to manage the risks of this extreme digitization, accelerated by the epidemic,” says Talent Garden founder and CEO David Datoli, noting this – according to estimates by the National Agency For Cyber ​​Security – More than 100,000 experts on this subject are needed in Italy. The ‘Deep Cyber ​​Security Bootcamp’ at Talent Garden is offering 25 scholarships, fully funded by Var Group, with the aim of training future cyber security analysts and generating a broad culture of cyber risk, which in companies should no longer be considered an exclusive but transversal field of IT For all jobs.” The course, with a hybrid frequency between digital and physical, will begin on February 28 and will last 14 weeks. (Deals).

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