‘Take care of yourselves’: Calgary firefighters raise awareness of cancer risks – Calgary

For 14 years, Billy Stewart has responded to a variety of emergencies and hazards as a Calgary firefighter, but the unseen hazards are now having a negative impact. While preparing breakfast for his son, Stewart noticed strange bouts of nausea that prompted him to go to the emergency room. “I noticed I had a chemical-like … Read more

Lachine Hospital ER to fully reopen for walk-in patients starting Monday – Montreal

From next Monday, January 24, the emergency room at Lachin Hospital will again be open to patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Lachine Hospital reduced emergency room hours for the first time on November 7, 2021. While it was open seven days a week, it was closed at night from 3pm to … Read more

Omicron variant cases declining in Kingston, according to medical officer of health – Kingston

It was at a mid-December briefing that Dr. Peter Oglaza, KFL&A’s medical officer of health, was sounding the alarm about the rapid spread of the Omicron COVID-19 variant. “Unfortunately, when we look at how we compare to the rest of the country, the rest of the county, we are the highest in the country and … Read more

Quebec premier says no plans to ease COVID-19 rules for now

The Quebec premier said Thursday that Quebec is beginning to “see the light at the end of the tunnel” but that the government will not lift further restrictions aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19 for now. François Legault says the county is dealing with 3,400 hospitalizations and that appears to be a peak. “It’s … Read more

No amount of alcohol is good for the heart, new report says, but critics disagree on science

“At the World Heart Federation, we have decided that it is necessary to talk about alcohol and the harm to health, as well as the social and economic harm, because there is an impression in the general population, and even among healthcare, that it is the chair of the advocacy committee that produced the report,” … Read more

London, Ont. deputy mayor shares personal experience isolating due to COVID-19 – London

London, Ont. , City Councilman and Deputy Mayor Josh Morgan opens up about his family’s experience of isolation due to COVID-19 after his five-year-old son tested positive in a rapid test. Morgan said the positive case led to “a whirlwind of decisions” as he and his wife decided how to “deal with this in a … Read more

Masks and Omicron Q&A: What kind of mask should you wear and for how long? An expert explains

Loose woven fabric products offer the least amount of protection, finely layered products provide more protection, well-disposable KN95 surgical masks provide more protection, and well-approved respirators (National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety) ) (including N95s) offer the highest level of protection,” the CDC recommends. Several public health experts have been urging this change for … Read more

Children, staff exposed to COVID-19 can still attend daycare if symptom-free: BC CDC

The BC CDC has released long-awaited guidance for child care settings, allowing nearby COVID-19 contacts to attend daycare without having to isolate if they are asymptomatic. The nine-page document released Wednesday night sets standards for child care workers, overturning previous isolation guidelines. Employees who come in close contact with a case of COVID-19 also do … Read more

Marijuana affects your brain’s ability to function at higher levels, study says

If you don’t, it’s not surprising. As more and more states move to legalize marijuana, the stereotypical mind-numbing effects of the herb are outdated, often replaced by the acceptance of the drug as an accepted way to socialize, relax and get better sleep. But while society may have forgotten the effect weed can have on … Read more

Quebec’s Nunavik region moves into lockdown to contain Omicron, curfew in effect – Montreal

by Work crew Canadian Press Posted on Jan 19, 2022 at 10:35 pm Updated Jan 19, 2022 at 10:37 PM smaller font Reduce article font size –a bigger font Increase article font size a+ The Nunavik region of Quebec was closed on Wednesday, as more than half of the 14 Inuit communities in the Northern … Read more