India: morte Generale Rawat fu un errore pilota dell’elicottero – Asia

(ANSA) – New Delhi, Jan 17 – Human error: Helicopter pilot crashed causing death of Indian Chief of Defense Staff Bipin Rawat, losing control due to sudden change in weather conditions. This is the conclusion of the military commission that investigated the causes of the accident, which last December led to the dramatic disappearance of … Read more

“Costa Concordia -Trappola in mare” speciale su Nove – Tv

(ANSA) – ROME, January 12 – In the evening of January 13, 2012 at 21:45, the Costa Concordia, which was sailing from Civitavecchia to Savona on a cruise in the Mediterranean, collided with the smallest rocks of Le Scuol, located about 500 meters from the port of Isola del Giglio: the accident caused a wound … Read more

Brasile: roccia crolla su barche turisti nel lago, 7 morti – America Latina

The temporary toll of a rocky column collapse on some boats sailing in a tourist lake in the southeastern Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, firefighters said, has left at least 7 dead, 32 injured and 3 missing. An earlier report reported 5 dead and 20 missing. Firefighters said the number of missing people was initially … Read more

Brasile: roccia precipita nel lago, 5 uccisi e 20 dispersi – Mondo

At least five were killed, 20 missing and 32 injured today in Brazil when the top of a cliff overlooking a lake collapsed into a basin, injuring some tourist boats. Agencia Brazil reports. The accident occurred in Lake Furnas, Mina Gerais. And according to what the BBC reported online, a police officer said, at least … Read more