‘Violeta’, la centenaria di Isabel Allende tra due pandemie – Libri – Narrativa

Isabel Allende, Violetta (FELTRINELLI, PP 368, EURO 20) The century-long life of Violetta del Valle begins and ends with an epidemic, Isabel Allende tells the epic story in first person in her highly anticipated new novel, “Violetta,” which will be in bookstores February 3 by Feltrinelli, translated by Elena Liverani. The writer – who was … Read more

Long COVID: How it could be a ‘mass disabling event’

TORONTO — As COVID-19 continues to infect tens of thousands of Canadians every day, a Toronto doctor is worried that could also result in an explosion of people with long-haul COVID-19 symptoms, potentially creating a “mass disabling event.” “ Long COVID-19, also known as post COVID-19 condition, occurs when symptoms of the disease continue to … Read more

Herd immunity: Omicron shows us it might be a pipe dream

CHICAGO – The Omicron variant, which is spreading much faster than previous versions of the coronavirus, is unlikely to help countries achieve so-called herd immunity against COVID-19, as enough people become immune to the virus that they can no longer do so. Disease spreads, disease experts say. From the pandemic’s early days, public health officials … Read more

Allarme Covid per la bebè di Johnson, un ‘brutto contagio’ a un mese e mezzo di vita – Europa

Committed to trying to mitigate threats against his leadership in the Conservative Council after the fallout from the so-called Partigate scandal, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson He had to deal these days with the third wife curry And moments of family distress, at least, according to a deep throat that he transmitted daily Mail, … Read more

Moda:Sace, Italia terzo esportatore al mondo,900 mld in 2020 – Economia

(ANSA) – ROME, Jan. 20 – Globally, in 2020 fashion generated an export of nearly 900 billion euros, about two-thirds of which came from clothing and footwear. The first source is China with 316 billion euros of exports (about 35% of the total), the Old Continent’s exports of more than 237 billion euros and Italy … Read more

Biden distribuisce gratis 400 mln mascherine N95 – Nord America

A new anti-epidemic action by the Biden administration, which next week will begin distributing 400 million free N95 masks to Americans, through thousands of pharmacies and community health centers. The masks (up to three for adults) come from the National Strategic Reserve and are more than half of those kept for emergencies. The decision was … Read more

Morandi: vado a Sanremo con l’entusiasmo di un debuttante – Musica

The Sanremo Festival experienced Gianni Morandi as an artist competing, alone and in a group, as a guest, as a leader. won it. He loved him and still love him deeply. Enough to come back again. “In competition, of course. Because it’s more fun, and more stimulating. You live it more. It’s such an extraordinary … Read more

COVID-19 pandemic could pivot to endemic by early spring: expert

Based on how Omicron spreads and affects hospitalization rates, the infectious disease specialist says the COVID-19 pandemic could begin to become endemic in high-income countries by early spring. “An increase in Omicron is likely to push us fully into endemicity, where our COVID death rates are low, where our hospitalizations are low. Dr. Monica Gandhi, … Read more

COVID-19: Remdesivir reduces need for ventilation: trial

A Canadian study suggests that the antiviral drug remdesivir could have a “modest but significant effect” on outcomes for Covid-19 patients, including reducing the need for mechanical ventilation by about 50 percent. The study, published Wednesday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, was described as the largest single-country trial of remdesivir reported to date. The … Read more