Blackpool football star, 24, ‘grabbed 18-year-old woman by the hair before he raped her’

Today’s court heard that a star striker raped a teenage girl after he invited her to “Netflix and chill.” Blackpool striker Pirelli ‘Biz’ Lubala, 24, has been accused of grabbing the 18-year-old by her hair, telling her to stop making noise and to ‘be a good girl’ before the alleged rape on September 13, 2019. … Read more

Record Il potere del cane, vince il 21/o premio come miglior film – Cinema

NEW YORK—The Power of the Dog, directed by Jane Campion, won the 21st Best Picture award in the award season that culminated in award-winning Academy Awards. The award was awarded by the Kansas City Film Critics. The film was distributed by Netflix and premiered at the 78th Venice International Film Festival, where the director received … Read more

L’Ucraina protesta con Netflix per ‘Emily in Paris’ – Europa

Emily in Paris, the popular Netflix series that has just released its second season, is under attack once again for its representation of reality mired in stereotypes and clichés. This time it was Ukraine that officially protested the character of Petra, a woman from Kiev who drags the protagonist, played by Lily Collins, to steal … Read more