Esperti, l’eruzione a Tonga la peggiore al mondo da 30 anni – Oceania

Three people were killed in Tonga after an eruption caused a tsunami, British Angela Glover and two local residents. This was announced by the archipelago’s government in its first official announcement, describing what has happened in recent days as an “unprecedented disaster”. Authorities said two of the small, remote islands were badly damaged, with all … Read more

Alan Friedman a La nave di Teseo con ‘Il prezzo del futuro’ – Libri – Altre Proposte

Alan Friedman, The Price of the Future. Because Italy risks missing the opportunity of the century (this ship) Alan Friedman joins the ship crew of Theseus in The Price of the Future. Why Italy Risks Missing the Opportunity of the Century ”, to be released in April 2022, is the first of three books to … Read more

Ordinanza di Musumeci, traghetti da Messina senza Green pass – Cronaca

From 2 p.m., passengers without green lanes heading towards the peninsula are also allowed to cross the Strait of Messina by ferry. This provision remains in effect until the end of the state of emergency. The same college is recognized for the inhabitants of the small islands of Sicily. The decree was signed by the … Read more

Xi, cooperazione e solidarietà unici mezzi contro il Covid – Mondo

— Chinese President Xi Jinping urged the “solidarity and cooperation of the international community” to eradicate the COVID-19 pandemic. Speaking at the special session at the virtual meeting of the World Economic Forum in 2022, Xi added, “The facts have shown once again that in the raging torrents of the global crisis, countries do not … Read more

Ue vieta fusione cantieri navali sudcoreani Daewoo-Hyunday – Economia

(ANSA) – BRUSSELS, Jan. 13 – The European Commission has banned the merger of South Korea’s two most important shipbuilders, Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering and Hyundai Heavy Industries Holdings. The deal, valued at about $2 billion, would have created a dominant position on the part of the resulting new company and reduced competition in … Read more

“Costa Concordia -Trappola in mare” speciale su Nove – Tv

(ANSA) – ROME, January 12 – In the evening of January 13, 2012 at 21:45, the Costa Concordia, which was sailing from Civitavecchia to Savona on a cruise in the Mediterranean, collided with the smallest rocks of Le Scuol, located about 500 meters from the port of Isola del Giglio: the accident caused a wound … Read more

Incursione a mostra Warhol Banksy, 32 barchette per Sea Rescue – Arte

Thirty-one boats from the Warhol Banksy Gallery publications, which make up the phrase Save the Sea (Rescue at Sea), are placed inside the gallery that will remain open until June 2 at Palazzo della Cultura in Catania. The raid, according to the organizers of the exhibition, was carried out on January 6 by a person … Read more

Gb-Russia: rivelata collisione fra nave e sommergibile nel 2020 – Nord America

Yesterday, British media revealed a collision without serious consequences, which occurred in late 2020 in the North Atlantic Ocean in international waters between a British military ship and a Russian nuclear-powered killer fisherman submarine, and the Ministry confirmed it today. London Defense. The protagonists of the novel were Northumberland, a frigate of the Royal Navy, … Read more

Yemen: Riad, i ribelli hanno sequestrato una nave nel Mar Rosso – Medio Oriente

RIYADH – The Saudi-led military coalition that intervened in the war in Yemen accused Yemeni rebels of “seizing” a UAE-flagged ship in the Red Sea. The coalition said in a statement, citing Saudi Arabia’s official Western News Agency, that the Houthi rebels were “responsible for this criminal act” against a boat carrying medical supplies. Reproduction … Read more

Egitto: 2021 record per il Canale di Suez, nonostante incidente – Medio Oriente

Record 2021 for the Suez Canal. This was announced by the Egyptian authority that manages transit by announcing record revenues, despite the Covid pandemic and a six-day blockade due to the cover-up of the giant cargo ship Ever Given. The canal, which connects the Red Sea to the Mediterranean, accounts for about 10% of global … Read more