Dakar moto: 11/a tappa a Benavides, Sunderland nuovo leader – Moto

Argentina’s Kevin Benavides, after a bitter retirement on Wednesday that knocked him out of the competition, made up for that day by winning the 11th and penultimate stage of the Dakar Rally in his Ktm – a 346km circuit that starts and ends in Bisha – Britain’s Sam Sunderland’s GasGas by four seconds and Portuguese … Read more

Moto Dakar: sesta tappa a Sanders, indietro Petrucci – Sport

Amid rumors of a possible cancellation of the race due to the dangers of terrorism, the sixth stage of Dakar 2022 was held, which to date included a ring road, starting and ending in Riyadh. Because of problems on the track, testing of the motorcycle was significantly shortened, with the rankings determined by times recorded … Read more

Dakar: Petrucci vince 5/a tappa moto, Lategan nelle auto – Sport

Danilo Petrucci, on Ktm, celebrates his victory in the first stage in Dakar, thanks to the speed of Australian Tony Price, who cost 6 minutes from a penalty, and thus partial success in the fifth break, 346 km, shortened by the organizers for “logistical and safety” reasons. So the first place went to a former … Read more

Aussie motorcyclist Daniel Sanders keeps Dakar Rally hopes alive after dune crash

Australian motorcyclist Daniel Sanders has overcome a painful fear in the Dakar Rally to keep his title hopes alive. the main points: Sanders finished the fourth stage in 17th place despite a hard landing that saw an airbag spread, bruising his face. Australian Toby Price moved to 16th, 43 minutes ahead of the leader More … Read more

Extreme E champion Molly Taylor to become the first Australian woman to compete in Dakar Rally

January is a special time of year for Molly Taylor. the main points: In 2022, Molly Taylor will become the first Australian woman to compete in the Dakar Rally Australian Toby Price seeks his third Dakar Rally title in the motorcycle category Two Saudi drivers will race in Dakar for the first time in the … Read more