Russia says ‘short-sighted’ EU has only itself to blame for energy crisis – POLITICO

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said on Saturday that the European Union is to blame for the energy crisis. The global gas supply crisis has sent consumer bills soaring across Europe, driving up inflation and accusations, most recently by International Energy Agency chief Fatih Birol, that Moscow is exacerbating the problem by withholding imports. … Read more

Bollette: Unioncamere, pmi nel 2021 hanno pagato 13% in più – Economia

(ANSA) – ROME, Jan. 13 – For energy, natural gas, water and waste, SMEs in 2021 paid 13.3% more than they did in 2020. From the balance sheet prepared by Unioncamere-BMTI on the evolution of tariffs paid last year by Italian small and medium-sized companies for the main public services, it turns out that the … Read more

Inflation, vaccines, voting rights: Biden faces brick walls

These developments highlight that chiefs, in spite of all they can do on their own, are hemmed in on big matters by other branches of government. The Supreme Court, which has a large majority of Republican-appointed justices, has no interest in imposing restrictions on corporations. The closely divided Senate is paralyzed by its own traditions. … Read more

U.S. consumer prices up 7% in December, setting a 40-year record – National

The prices paid by American consumers jumped seven percent in December from a year earlier, the highest inflation since 1982 and the latest evidence that rising costs for food, rent and other necessities are adding to the financial strain on American families. The rate of inflation rose during the recovery from the pandemic recession as … Read more

Covid: Conte, subito Cdm per massicci ristori economici – Politica

“The time to wait for massive economic aid for families and businesses is over. Rising bills are having a big impact. More aid is needed, new and immediate measures are needed.” M5s leader Giuseppe Conte writes on Facebook. “We have a long list of ready-made offers,” he says, ranging from the abolition of the 2022 … Read more

Europeans in the dark about ECB’s role: Survey – POLITICO

FRANKFURT – Europeans have little understanding of the European Central Bank’s function, according to data published in the central bank’s economic bulletin on Wednesday. “Confusion over the ECB’s tasks appears to be widespread,” said the article, which is based in part on a survey conducted by the European Central Bank in May. The survey showed … Read more

Fed: Powell, possibili più rialzi tassi e riduzione bilancio – Economia

Fed monetary tightening is getting closer and closer, and could be faster than expected. US Central Bank President Jay Powell announced today that the economy no longer needs such an expansionary monetary policy, and that. “If more sharp rate hikes are needed to cool inflation, the Fed will do it. And if inflation continues” and … Read more

New Bundesbank boss warns high inflation could last longer than expected – POLITICO

FRANKFURT – Eurozone inflation may remain elevated for longer than the European Central Bank’s current projects, incoming German Bundesbank chief Joachim Nagel warned on Tuesday when he delivered his inaugural address. “The medium-term price outlook is exceptionally uncertain,” Nagel said. “I currently see a greater risk that the inflation rate will remain elevated for a … Read more

Fed: Powell, l’economia cresce veloce, mercato del lavoro forte – Economia

The economy is expanding very quickly and the job market is strong. This was stated by Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell, in anticipation of the speech he will deliver tomorrow in the Senate as part of his reconfirmation hearing. The Fed will make sure that inflation does not take root in the economy. This was … Read more

Bollette: Cgia, nel 2022 extracosto da 36mld per elettricità – Economia

Compared to 2019, the additional cost that Italian companies will incur this year due to higher electricity prices is approximately 36 billion euros. In fact, within 3 years, the cost of electricity bills for businesses nearly doubled. The frightening increase added to the increase in gas prices will force many companies, at least temporarily, to … Read more