Uighurs in Turkey call for boycott of Beijing Winter Olympics | Uighur News

Protesters accuse the Chinese state of committing genocide and torturing the Uighur Muslim minority. Dozens of protesters from China’s Uighur Muslim ethnic group protested in Istanbul, calling for a boycott of the Winter Olympics in Beijing next month over China’s treatment of the minority. Protesters gathered outside the Turkish Olympic Committee building in the city … Read more

Washington sospende 44 voli Usa-Cina di vettori cinesi – Nord America

Washington has suspended 44 Chinese flights from the United States to China due to the anti-Covid health restrictions imposed by Beijing on American airlines. China strictly controls the entrances to its territory, and it has already canceled flights of the American companies Delta and United due to the presence of passengers who tested positive for … Read more

MEGHAN MCCAIN: Spineless global community allows China to host Olympic games. I am repulsed.

As we enter the third year of what appears to be the never-ending Covid-19 pandemic that originated in Wuhan, China, most people I know (who don’t try to spread propaganda or worry about being labeled racist) believe the lab leak hypothesis. Whistleblower and hero doctor Li Wenliang was one of the first people to warn … Read more

US suspends flights by China carriers after Beijing COVID move | Aviation News

The authorities in the United States decided to cut some flights of four Chinese airlines after Beijing suspended some American airline services after the discovery of COVID cases. The US government said it will suspend 44 flights to China from the US by four Chinese airlines in response to the Chinese government’s decision to suspend … Read more

Australian Open 2022 live results, schedule: Outrage at TV ‘shambles’

Fans were outraged when they were denied the chance to watch the end of one of the biggest upsets at the Australian Open to date. Daniil Medvedev continues his mission in the Australian Open today after defeating Nick Kyrgios, while former world number one Simona Halep also plays in the third round. Aussie surprise Maddison … Read more

How will China’s Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics “bubble” work?

After being largely cut off from the world for two years, Beijing is preparing for the arrival of thousands of foreign athletes, officials, journalists and support staff – including from countries where the high-speed Omicron variant is deployed. Whether Chinese authorities can keep Covid games safe and prevent any bombings from leaking into Beijing is … Read more

Beijing Olympics torch relay confined to closed venues over COVID | Winter Olympics News

Beijing is on high alert for coronavirus after a few outbreaks in different parts of the country. The Beijing Winter Olympics organizers have announced that the torch relay will be cordoned off due to concern over the spread of the coronavirus. The relay, featuring 1,200 torchbearers, will begin on February 2 and end two days … Read more

Cina si oppone ad accuse della Francia su genocidio uiguri – Mondo

China has expressed its “strong opposition” to the accusations contained in the resolution passed yesterday by the French National Assembly, which condemns the “genocide” of the Uyghurs by Beijing, and demanded that the Paris government do the same. “The decision on Xinjiang ignores facts and legal aspects and severely interferes in China’s internal affairs,” Foreign … Read more

As costs mount, how long can China stick with ‘zero COVID’? | Coronavirus pandemic News

Hong Kong, China – On January 23, 2020, China gave birth to “Zero COVID”. Faced with the threat of a mysterious virus, authorities in Wuhan imposed the world’s first lockdown on its 11 million residents, marking the beginning of the zero-tolerance policy that would define China’s epidemic response. Two years later, the rapid spread of … Read more

US prosecutors drop charges against MIT professor over China ties | Business and Economy News

“While I am relieved that my ordeal is over, I am aware that China’s terribly misleading initiative continues to bring unwarranted fear into the academic community and that other scholars continue to face accusations,” Gang Chen said in a statement. by David Furiacos and Patricia HurtadoBloomberg Posted on January 20, 2022January 20 2022 US prosecutors … Read more