Malata di cancro scrive una lettera a ‘furbetti’ del Green pass, “egoisti, riflettete” – Cronaca

“I am a cancer patient and probably won’t have much to live with yet and that is why I decided to write an open letter to the scammers in Green Pass who pretended to vaccinate for Covid, showing selfishness and a complete lack of civic position that first angered me and then demoralized me.” Talking … Read more

Lawson, Sunnybrook study aims to improve prostate cancer treatments using advanced imaging – London

Researchers at London’s Lawson Health Research Institute are collaborating with scientists at Sunnybrook Research Institute in Toronto for a study aimed at improving outcomes for patients undergoing radiotherapy for prostate cancer, the most common cancer among Canadian men. The researchers say the study will look at incorporating advanced imaging technology into the treatment process to … Read more

Winnipeg’s HSC planning state-of-the-art urology centre for 2023 – Winnipeg

Residents of Manitobans who need urological care will be able to do so at a new, world-class facility at the Health Sciences Center (HSC) planned for next year. HSC said Wednesday that the center, which will have the capacity to assist up to 10,000 patients in Manitoba annually, will provide care for those who need … Read more

Greece approves fourth COVID-19 vaccine shot for those at risk – POLITICO

ATHENS – Greece’s health authorities on Tuesday agreed to give an additional fourth dose of the coronavirus vaccine to people with weakened immune systems. The National Vaccination Committee decided that this group should be able to receive the fourth dose between three and six months after the third, and administration is expected to begin soon. … Read more

England books capacity at private hospitals to handle Omicron surge – POLITICO

The National Health Service has retained capacity for several private healthcare providers in England to deal with another potential surge in patients with the highly contagious Omicron strain of coronavirus, and is asking hospitals to find locations such as gyms to expand capacity. Under the three-month agreement with 10 private hospital groups, NHS England said … Read more

How can Europe advance rare disease innovation?

In the European Union, a disease is considered rare if it affects fewer than five people in 10,000. This may sound insignificant, but in practice, six to eight percent of the population of the block is affected by a distinct rare condition like this one, which translates to between 27 and 36 million people. Most … Read more

Off-ice save: Keen-eyed Kraken fan alerts Canucks manager to cancerous mole

The Vancouver Canucks gave a very personal thank you to the Kraken fan ahead of Saturday’s game in Seattle. When the 32nd NHL franchise played its first home game in Emerald City last fall, perhaps the Canucks’ best save was off the ice. Read more: The Seattle Kraken will play its first home game against … Read more

La più anziana al mondo compie 119 anni, ha beffato 3 epidemie – Asia

On January 2, 2022, the Japanese Ken Tanaka blew out 119 candles and is, according to the official testimony of the Guinness Book of Records, the longest-living woman in the world still alive, the current dean of humanity. Ms. Kane has survived three pandemics – Spanish (1918-1920), SARS (2004) and (so far) Covid-19 – two … Read more