‘Huge appetite’ for exploring defunding and detasking Halifax police: councillor – Halifax

A member of the Halifax city council says there is a willingness on all sides to cooperate to explore withdrawing police funding. Earlier this week, a committee tasked with determining how to defund the Halifax Regional Police released an extensive report that includes recommendations on policing practices, oversight and accountability. The subcommittee that wrote the … Read more

Jan. 6 committee requests interview with Ivanka Trump

WASHINGTON – The House committee investigating the US Capitol rebellion has asked Ivanka Trump, the daughter of former President Donald Trump, to voluntarily cooperate in its investigation. The committee sent a letter Thursday requesting to meet Ivanka Trump, who served as an advisor to her father, in early February. In the letter, committee chair Penny … Read more

Yukon declares health emergency after overdoses

The Yukon government has declared a health emergency for substance use after toxic drugs pushed overdose deaths to new levels. Health Minister Tracy Ann McPhee said drugs are killing people and causing a mental health crisis in every community in Yukon McVeigh says the district will work to address the emergency, including using a public … Read more

Antibiotic resistant infections killed millions: report

More than one million people died from antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections worldwide in 2019, a new report from the Lancet says, more than the annual death toll from malaria or AIDS. The estimate of global deaths comes from analysis of 204 countries by a joint team of international researchers who were led by the University of … Read more

Hana Horka: Singer dies after deliberately catching COVID-19

The son of a Czech popular singer said his mother, who was against vaccination against COVID-19, died after being deliberately ill. Hana Hurka, of the popular band Asonance, died Sunday after intentionally exposing herself to coronavirus at home, her son Jan Rick told CNN affiliate CNN. She was 57 years old. Rick says his mother … Read more

Long COVID: How it could be a ‘mass disabling event’

TORONTO — As COVID-19 continues to infect tens of thousands of Canadians every day, a Toronto doctor is worried that could also result in an explosion of people with long-haul COVID-19 symptoms, potentially creating a “mass disabling event.” “ Long COVID-19, also known as post COVID-19 condition, occurs when symptoms of the disease continue to … Read more

Herd immunity: Omicron shows us it might be a pipe dream

CHICAGO – The Omicron variant, which is spreading much faster than previous versions of the coronavirus, is unlikely to help countries achieve so-called herd immunity against COVID-19, as enough people become immune to the virus that they can no longer do so. Disease spreads, disease experts say. From the pandemic’s early days, public health officials … Read more

Prince Andrew’s Twitter account deleted, days after royal loses military titles and charities

Prince Andrew’s Twitter account has been deleted, days after the Queen stripped him of his honorary military titles and charities. Visitors to the Prince’s official Twitter page, TheDukeofYork, which was previously tagged in posts by the official royal family on Twitter, are now met with a blank page and a message that reads “This account … Read more

Cannabis use can impact cognitive ability long-term: study

A new study finds that cannabis use in both recreational and chronic users can lead to severe and persistent cognitive impairments that may persist beyond the period of intoxication. A systematic review of 10 papers and more than 4,300 participants, led by Canadian researchers and published Wednesday in the scientific journal Addiction, found that cannabis … Read more

Quick overnight thaw leads to water main breaks in a dozen Calgary communities Thursday – Calgary

Rising temperatures led to at least 12 major overnight water outages, leaving dozens of Calgary homes without water Thursday morning. The city’s website displays outages and water outages across the city. Emergency water carts were distributed to the affected neighborhoods. Read more: Severe Alberta weather leads to heavy clean-ups – and there’s more to come … Read more