Watch back: VinFuture prize outlines vision for a brighter future

Watch the VinFuture Award live stream as it happens on January 20 at 4pm CET. “Making positive change and making a direct impact on people’s lives – this has always been my goal in work and life,” says Pham Nhat Phuong, Chairman of Vingroup and founder of VinFuture. “I strongly believe that the VinFuture Foundation … Read more

Moda:Sace, Italia terzo esportatore al mondo,900 mld in 2020 – Economia

(ANSA) – ROME, Jan. 20 – Globally, in 2020 fashion generated an export of nearly 900 billion euros, about two-thirds of which came from clothing and footwear. The first source is China with 316 billion euros of exports (about 35% of the total), the Old Continent’s exports of more than 237 billion euros and Italy … Read more

Amazon bets you’re tired of just buying clothes off Amazon

It’s a physical clothing store. Like, you know, a real brick-and-mortar space where you go try on stuff, buy it and then bring it home. An IRL store. Google it if you’ve never been to one. Amazon (AMZN) announced Thursday that it will open Amazon Style, its first clothing, shoe and accessories’ store later this … Read more

Windows 11 Se, arrivano i computer economici per la scuola – Hi-tech

Microsoft has unveiled a series of new laptops designed specifically for students. At the end of 2021, the Redmond giant revealed, in a very content way, Windows 11 Se, a lighter iteration of its latest operating system, suitable for less powerful devices. The unstated but obvious goal was to propose the platform on a renewed … Read more

M&Ms’ beloved characters are getting a new look

Chocolate anthropomorphic characters are made into candy, and the logo also gets tablet. But the most obvious change is in M&M’s six personalities: new shoes. Green swapped out her sneakers for sneakers. Brown wears low heels and is more sensible. Red and yellow shoes now have laces. Orange shoelaces It is no longer unrestricted. And … Read more

Canadians sign millionaires’ letter on taxes for rich

A group of some of the world’s richest individuals – including five Canadians – have signed an open letter calling on the rich among them to pay their fair share of taxes. The Campaign for Letters from National Organizations Millionaires and Millionaires for Humanity and Tax Me Now calls on every country to tax the … Read more

Starbucks scraps vaccine requirement following Supreme Court decision

In a letter published on January 4, the coffee company recommended that its workers be vaccinated by February 9, as directed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Those who remained unvaccinated after that deadline had to take the weekly test, according to that early January note. But after SCOTUS’ decision, Starbucks told employees it … Read more

Kingston, Ont. residents say snow removal scam left them without service, despite taking their money – Kingston

Dredging by hand is not how Kingston, Ont. Resident Jammie To is expected to spend the snowy months. to hire Richardson Services, a general contracting and snow removal company, on December 6 to remove snow from its property through April 16. “He told me they have a business license, that the price includes HST, and … Read more