Latest test involved tactical guided missiles: North Korea | Weapons News

Leader Kim Jong Un has said that “military force” is necessary for self-defense, but repeated weapons tests are causing international concern. North Korea confirmed it conducted its fourth weapons test this month on Monday, firing two tactical guided missiles – the latest in a series of weapons tests despite a UN ban. The Korean Central … Read more

RCMP briefs: Officers assaulted in Selkirk, man with knife detained in Dauphin – Winnipeg

Two men were arrested after a dispute in Selkirk that ended with a suspect attacking police officers. Judge Langlois, 26, and Riley Adams, 24, both face weapons charges. On January 11, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said Adams hit Langlois with his car and then chased after him with a firearm. This, after police said … Read more

North Korea fires fresh missiles for third time this year in response to US sanctions

North Korea on Friday fired two short-range ballistic missiles in its third launch this month, South Korean officials said, in apparent retaliation for new sanctions imposed by the Biden administration over its ongoing test launches. South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said the missiles came from an inland region of Northwestern Pyongan Province. The Japanese … Read more

North Korea launches third suspected missile in just over a week | Weapons News

The launch comes as Pyongyang has accused the United States of deliberately escalating the situation by calling for tougher sanctions. North Korea appears to have tested a missile on Friday — the third test in just over a week, hours after criticizing US pressure to tighten sanctions as a result of its continued testing of … Read more

US pushing for tougher sanctions on N Korea after missile tests | United Nations News

Pyongyang has continued to test ballistic missiles in defiance of a United Nations ban, and says it is developing hypersonic weapons. The US ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas Greenfield, said on Wednesday that the United States is pressing the UN Security Council to impose more sanctions on North Korea after Pyongyang conducted a … Read more

Can the US government finally control the gun market? | Gun Violence

Video duration 24 minutes 30 seconds 24:30 From: inside the story Smart guns could soon become available in the United States. During the past 20 years, the idea of ​​smart guns, which can only be fired by verified users, has been developed. But there have been no reliable results so far. Some American gun manufacturers … Read more

‘A hero is laid to rest’: Cambodia’s landmine-sniffing rat dies | Weapons News

Medal-winning Magawa discovered more than 100 landmines and explosives during his five-year career. Magawa, the landmine-sniffing rodent who found more than 100 landmines and explosives in Cambodia and won a championship medal, has died at the age of eight, according to the charity that trained him. The non-profit organization Abobo International announced that Magawa, who … Read more

Kim backs ‘military muscle’ as he watches hypersonic missile test | Kim Jong Un News

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un personally oversaw the successful test of a hypersonic missile and called on scientists to accelerate efforts to build the country’s “military might,” state media reported on Wednesday. This is the first time Kim has been shown attending a missile launch in nearly two years. The Rodong Sinmun, the official … Read more

North Korea fires suspected ballistic missile, second in a week | Weapons News

The launch was discovered by Japan and South Korea and comes after six countries urged Pyongyang to end the “destabilizing” actions. Japan and South Korea said North Korea launched what may be a ballistic missile Tuesday morning, less than a week after Pyongyang tested what it said was a hypersonic missile. “Our military detected a … Read more

Iran ‘likely’ smuggling weapons to Yemen: UN report | Military News

UN experts have said that weapons seized in the Arabian Sea confirm that Tehran is exporting weapons to Yemen, the Wall Street Journal reported. The Wall Street Journal reported that the United Nations found that thousands of weapons recently seized in the Arabian Sea came from a single port in Iran, evidence that Tehran is … Read more