‘Silvio al Colle’, pagina dei seniores di Fi su Il Giornale – Politica

A full page on Silvio Berlusconi’s records and the first to conclude “Who loves him?” This is the initiative highlighted on page 5 of Il Giornale where the “Forza Seniores” section, which collects more than 65 blues, launched the nomination of the former Prime Minister of the Quirinale.

“Who is Silvio Berlusconi”: the poster – the manifesto, with the image of the Italian leader a few years ago at the top, lists 22 features of the founder of Forza Italia: the first is a “good and generous person”, another is a “champion of freedom who, with great contempt for danger, took to the field 1994 to avoid an authoritarian and illiberal regime for all of us.”

That is why, for the elderly, Berlusconi deserves to become the next president of the republic: “father of five sons and grandfather of fifteen grandchildren”, “friend of all, enemy of no one”, “among the first Italians. taxpayers “,” among Italian entrepreneurs firsts to create jobs “,” the youngest Italian businessman named Cavalier del Lavoro “,” a self-made man, an example for all Italians “,” the inventor and builder of “safe” cities with three dissimilar road circuits “,” the first and most liberal publisher in Italy”, “” The founder of Commercial Television in Europe”, the founder with Ennio Doris of “Banca del Futuro”, “the president of the club that has won the most in the history of world football”.

After the man and the entrepreneur there are political advantages: “European parliamentarian in office”, “the liberal, Christian, pro-European centre-right founder and guarantor”, “the Italian parliamentarian with the most votes with more than 200 million votes”, “the prime minister who ruled the longest term in the history of the republic”, “The Last Democratically Elected Prime Minister by Italians (2008)”, “The Prime Minister Who in Just Six Months Restored a Home to the Victims of the L’Aquila Earthquake (2009)”.

Finally, a list of international successes and honors: “Prime Minister who ended the Cold War by achieving the Pratica di Marie Agreement between George Bush and Vladimir Putin (2002)”; “The most appreciated and most acclaimed Western leader (8 minutes) in the history of the US Congress,” therefore “the most competent Italian in international politics, a listener and appreciative, authoritative and humane, able to weave and nurture the deepest personal friendships with the most important leaders of the world.”


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