Sfogo CR7, non sono allo United per arrivare sesto – Calcio

We have no regrets about the choice made last summer, but after mid-season at chiaroscuro in Manchester, Cristiano Ronaldo can no longer hide the frustration of the Red Devils’ journey yet. During an interview with British Sky Sports, the Portuguese champion asked all his colleagues to change the pace and mentality, and not to hide some doubts about the selection of Ralph Rangnick as interim manager.

“At Manchester United, one can only always aspire to be in the top three – the start of a CR7 explosion -. I don’t want to be here to play for fifth, sixth or seventh. I’m here to try to win, to compete.” Even if the Portuguese realize that United’s current level is below that of the other top players in the Premier League. “We are competitive, yes, but we are not at the top. There is a long way to improve ourselves and I believe that only by changing our mentality will we be able to achieve great things.” Regarding the change going on on the bench – the sacking of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in place of Rangnick while waiting for a new coach next year – Ronaldo has expressed some skepticism, acknowledging the German coach’s value. “Since he arrived a few weeks ago, he has already changed many things and we have already improved many aspects. But he needs to pass on his ideas to the players. Also because he has not been a manager for a long time, he has never coached a team. The best club. This is definitely bigger. A mission I’ve ever done. The fact that it’s temporary can affect the attitude of some players, who know that whoever gives them instructions won’t be in charge of a long time ago.”

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