Serie A: Salernitana-Lazio, formazioni – Sport

Two recovered (Reina and Hysaj) and two defections (Basic and André Anderson), with the addition of Stefan Radu, absent at the end of the day. Waiting for a market struggling to take off, Maurizio Sarri-Salernitana’s Lazio will test for their first win in 2022. After a draw with Empoli and defeat at San Siro, tomorrow’s game away at Campania Biancocelesti is on the favourite but with many unknowns, especially In terms of defense it has to be completely reinvented. Until recently, it would have been a “family derby”, after the sale of Salernitana shares from Lotito Management to new owner Iervolino. It will be a real match for Immobile and his teammates, who were called up to score in front of the lowest level in the standings that started the new year with the victory of Verona, as Lazio lost 4-1. Yves spent the field on behalf of Sarri, who made no comments but preferred to focus on potential recoveries. After yesterday’s four losses, Reina and Hessage’s warnings returned, but the latter called for the sudden absence of Radu who, in turn, should have replaced the injured Acerbi in the center of the defense alongside Luiz Felipe (who has not yet been renewed. He witnessed the surges that clubs and fans had hoped for). It follows that Lazari on the right and Marusic on the left will most likely behave with strangers. Revolving doors are also in the midfield, where, along with manager Cataldi and Milinkovic-Savic-Mazala, it will be Luis Alberto’s turn to take over where Toma Pesek should have taken, a few days later: it may be Covid, as well as Andre Anderson.

Possible lineups for Salernitana Lazio.

Salerno (3-5-2): 72 Bellic; 33 Daily Curry, 5 Vessely, 19 Ranieri; 24 Quichrida, 22 Obi, 14 de Takeo, 20 Kastanos, 21 Zorte; 15 Gondo, 11 Djuric. (1 Fiorillo, 96 Guerrieri, 35 Motoc, 3 Ruggeri, 8 Schiavone, 36 Russo, 9 Bonazzoli, 63 Vergani). Everyone.: Kolantono. Commentator: JUMBER. Beware: Bonazoli and Ranieri. Not available: Strandberg, M Coulibaly, El Coulibaly, Symi, Kebze.

Lazio (4-3-3): 1 stracocha; 29 Lazare, 3 Louis-Philippe, 23 Hessage, 77 Marosic; 21 Milinkovic-Savic, 32 Cataldi, 10 Luis Alberto; 7 Felipe Anderson, Building 17, 9 Pedro. (25 Reina, 4 Patrick, 44 Floriani Mussolini, 19 Favro, 6 Leva, 50 Bertini, 18 Romero, 22 Juni, 20 Zacani, 94 Moriecki, 27 Moro). Coach: Sarri. Not eligible: none. Beware: Marosic, Cataldi, Luis Alberto. Not available: Akpa Akpro, Acerbi, André Anderson, Basic.

Referee: Abisso di Palermo Snai Odds: 8.00; 5.00; 1.37


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