Senior Advisor to Turkish President congratulates Azerbaijan on World Azerbaijanis Solidarity Day

Baku, Azerbaijan, December 30


December 31, International Day of Solidarity with Azerbaijanis, is the day when Azerbaijani Turks speak the same words, thoughts and actions, and tell those who are trying to separate them that they will one day unite in one homeland, Senior Adviser to Turkish President Yalcin Topko told Trend.

“I congratulate the Azerbaijani people on the Azerbaijani World Solidarity Day and the New Year, and I pray to God that all dreams of our Azerbaijani brothers come true in the New Year,” Topko added.

“I dedicate the following poem to the heroic Azerbaijani nation, the glorious army and Azerbaijani President, Supreme Commander Ilham Aliyev, who during the 44-day Second Karabakh War liberated the territory of the Karabakh region that was under occupation for 30 years,” Topko said.

“Let your winter turn into summer, and make holidays holidays.

Don’t worry, make the holidays be a holiday.

Let thorns fill the soul of Nimrod,

Make your work easy, make vacation a vacation”


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