Sei podcast raccontano i pionieri dell’informatica italiani – Hi-tech

Telling Italy that between the 1950s and 1960s it was a leading country in the emerging world of information technology is the goal of the multimedia project ‘IT Pioneers – Men and Women at the Dawn of the Digital Revolution’, made possible thanks to the support of the University of Pisa, the Museum of Computing Machines and a system University Museum. “Pisa, with its cosmopolitan spirit and innate ability to know how to dream big and know how to prepare for change – notes the President of the University Paulo Mancarilla – has managed to be one of the epicenters of this epic revolution that to this day still finds a suitable environment for absolutely new developments. The history of the precursor , is also made possible because the University of Pisa has fully implemented its function within a system that constitutes one of the largest concentrations of knowledge and scientific quality recorded in Italy. Restored through sound and the story of its protagonists is an important occasion to inspire all who are called to write the future of information technology.”

The first phase of the project is the publication, on the main platforms, of six podcasts featuring profiles of some of the main characters: Giuseppe Secchini, Elio Fabri, Franco Filipazzi, Elisa Montessori, Luigi Pestelli and Roberto Vaca. Their testimonies, interspersed with a narrative voice, help listeners trace the events that led to the creation of the Pisana electronic calculator, the Elea 9003 and the installation of the Ferranti Mark 1* at INAC in Rome. Episodes can be listened to for free on Spotify’s Internet Festival pages, Apple podcast, and Google podcast platforms. The project was coordinated by director Lorenzo Garzella, Fabio Gaducci, director of the museum, and Maurizio Gazzari and Elisabetta Mori, experts in the history of computer science and authors of books and studies on the topic. (Dealing).

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