Sci: Odermatt vince superG Wengen, Paris 7/o e Innerhofer 8/o – Sci

Swiss Marco Odermatt – 24, sixth season success and 10/o of his career – won the Wengen World Cup Super-G with a time of 1.29.00, consolidating his general classification leadership with 945 points.
According to the Norwegian Alexander Kjelde on 1.129.13 and Austrian third Matthias Mayer on 1.29.58.
The best blue, and in any case completely satisfied with his performance, was followed by Dominik Paris 7 / o in 1.29.98 with only a hundredth of Christof Innerhofer 8 / o in 1.29.99 who in turn showed good skiing.
For Italy – in a race with perfect weather and track – we’re back, while Ricciardo Tonetti hasn’t finished the test – Guglielmo Busca in 1.30.49. Giovanni Franzoni at 1.30.84, Mattia Cass at 1.31.09 and Emmanuel Buzzi at 1.32.00.
It was Wengen’s second disputed Super-G CD model after being won by legendary 1994 Austrian Luxembourgisher Marc Girardelli. The race then resumed the Super-G race that was scheduled at Lake Louise but was then moved to Bormio where due to bad weather it moved again to Wengen. Today, due to the Covid virus, no “but” audience will be accepted as of tomorrow for the first scheduled descent, followed on Sunday by a special slalom.
Tomorrow will be a short track descent while Saturday will be the free-ranking Lauberhorn, the world’s longest track at 4.4.80 metres.

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