Sci, Coppa del mondo: slalom femminile a Kranjska Gora

A very small virtual platform: the Swiss have only 8 cents in Petra and 25 cents in Scheffen, in temporary third place. Rossetti and Matthew are above 40

After Marta Pacino’s third place yesterday in the giant slalom, today the World Cup takes place in Kranjska Gora. After the first heat followed by Petra Flova coach Mauro Bini, Swiss Wendy Holder leads the provisional standings, followed by Velhova and Michaela Schiffrin. A hypothetical podium surrounded by several cents: the Slovak is actually only 8/100 behind the Swiss, while the American, recently off a hiatus due to positivity in Covid, is 25 cents behind.

Second run 12.30

The track was destroyed very quickly as Flova pointed out: “I tried to do my best, it was a good fight because the track conditions are not ideal. It is still the second place that suits me at the moment.” Marta Rossetti was the first to land out of the blue. With apron number 31, he ends up in a hole and goes off track, re-running the 8’15 hole and assembled. The second match at 12.30 was witnessed by Austrian coach Hannes Zuchling. Live broadcast on Eurosport and Ray Sport.


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