Sassoli: la reduce delle bombe di S.Lorenzo, ci mancherà – Politica

Among the many people who wanted to honor David Sassoli, there is also a veteran who survived the bombing of San Lorenzo, the first in Rome during World War II, by Allied bombers. I arrived by car from Cabina, about forty kilometers from the capital, supported by a cane and her younger sister Elvira, Lucia Tomasetti, 91, at the funeral home in Campidoglio, requested and received the wife and children of the late President of the European Parliament, known for years at a rally to commemorate The massacre in the densely populated Roman quarter.

“My sister is the last veteran to survive. The children and his wife told us we would miss him and the whole country – one month old on the day of the tragedy, who was one month old, told herself in ‘July’ 19 bombs fell, donated by the sisters to the Sassoli family – explains Elvira Tomasetti, who was one month old on the day of the tragedy. We felt with protection in Europe with him. The power of the father must now become the power of the children.”

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