Sanremo: Zanicchi, torno forse anche per riprendermi un premio – Musica

“Memories of Sanremo, won the festival in 1974, with Ciao Cara Come stai? This is the only prize I have left, unfortunately, the other two were stolen from me. I would probably go back to San Remo for this too, to get at least once!” Iva Zanicchi Ready to go out on the Ariston stage again to enter the competition at the 72nd Festival I Want to Love You, after victories in 1967 with Don’t Think of Me (sung with Claudio Villa), in 1969 with Zingara and in 1974 exactly with Ciao Dear How are you. “The Three Statues,” with the lion and palm tree rampant, the artist has only one left, show it in a Facebook post. “Obviously joking – he adds – I can’t wait to get on stage and let you hear the new song, that’s what matters. See you soon and a kiss everyone,” he concludes between the hearts and kisses emoji. (Deals).

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