Sandro Ferri si racconta ne L’editore presuntuoso – Libri – Approfondimenti

Sandro Ferri, virtual publisher (EDIZIONI E/O, PP 256, €10.00). Reflections, anecdotes, stories and many entertaining adventures about the life of a publishing house and the history of book publishing over the past forty years. Sandro Ferri, Editor of Edizioni E/O, Elena Ferrante’s obscure publishing house, tells in his direct and candid, argumentative and ironic style, the story of his small publishing venture in the book ‘L’editore Daredevil’ to be released February 19 in the E/O Assolo series.
“Here there are funny stories, reckless advice and undiplomatic judgments. There is a publisher’s story — my story and also the story of the team I played on. It’s a book that can make you angry, but some might be happy.” says Ferri, who founded Edizioni E/O in 1979 with his wife Sandra Ozola, which made us discover in 1984 titles like ‘Cassandra’ by Christa Wolff, the first bestselling publishing house, then ‘Served the King of England’ by publishing Bohumil Hrabal in Milan Kundera’s still-unexploded Prague series as the author of ‘The Unsustainable Lightness of Being’ “.
And again, Jean-Claude Ezzo and among the first Italian novels, in 1982, “Lamore Molesto” by newcomer Elena Ferrante and “Il Fujiasco” by Massimo Carlotto. The first published title was “Blast an Empire?” , an essay on the end of the Soviet Union by Helen Carrier de Incos, mother of what would later become the famous writer Emmanuel Carrier.
In reclaiming his history as an independent publisher – a publisher – a subject as Ferry calls it, that is, who reads a book, chooses and supports the book and decides to publish books – he tells us about the strengths and weaknesses of a world that often suffocates but also the thoughts and emotions that drive them.
The goals are numerous: marketing, exaggerated capitalism, fashion, a self-referential literary environment, the overwhelming power of large groups, the inclusiveness of Amazon, but also the vices and trifles of the publishing world. A story that reads as a suspense story in which the victim is the subject of the publisher (the real publisher) and the killer, is found among the many enemies of free publishing.
Data in hand and many failures, Ferry shows us how a small cultural institution can survive and thrive. How can the heart of an editorial project like yours expand over the years with the participation of his daughter Eva among readers: in 2005 with Europe Editions, based in New York, which publishes English-language novels from countries all over the world, in 2007 with East / West , an Arabic language publishing house and in 2011 with Europa Editions UK.
To urge him to write the book “L’editore Arrogant” ten years after his music book “I Ferri Editore” (2011) in which he narrated episodes from the life of the publishing house and reflected on some aspects of editorial work, the various publishing sessions in which he participated in recent years as a speaker . The appreciation shown by students and other people working in the culture sector led him to want to further develop this thinking in the topic publishers, dedicating it above all to new generations who love to read and who seek to become part of the world. Editorial. (Dealing).

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