Roku Ultra sale: Save on our favorite streaming device

We called the Roku Ultra our top pick for the best streaming device of 2021, and it’s now on sale. The small box is sturdy, easy to navigate and has a wide catalog of applications. And it’s getting better: Amazon drops Ultra, lowers price to $66.01.

The Roku Ultra earned its moniker here at Underscored thanks to its already affordable price tag, along with its ability to upgrade content to display the best possible picture on your TV. This means that even if your TV doesn’t support the latest picture quality, Roku will do the heavy lifting to improve what you see on the screen.

Roku Ultra is fast, responsive, offers the widest variety of streaming services with modern apps, and lets you find everything easily through comprehensive search at an affordable price.

One of our personal favorites on the Roku Ultra is the ability to connect headphones to the remote control and use the wireless earbuds with the mobile app to listen to everything on TV without disturbing those around you. It comes in handy if you’re watching a loud movie late at night and don’t want to wake the family or roommates.

Roku has access to just about every streaming service you can imagine, except for the newly launched Peacock and HBO Max. The Roku Voice Remote and a pair of wired headphones are both included with the Ultra. One of the most useful features: There’s a button on the Ultra box itself that you can press that prompts for audio playback on the remote control when you need help finding it.

Order the Roku Ultra now to ramp up your streaming game and find out why the Ultra is our top pick.


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