Regina firefighters continue investigation into Halifax Street apartment building blaze – Regina

A day after a fire broke out in an apartment building in Regina’s heritage district, fire crews were on site, sifting through the debris.

At the corner of 12th Street and Halifax Avenue, the Regina Fire had their investigation unit on the scene to determine if the building was really vacant and also trying to find out the cause of the fire.

Fortunately, they were able to deliver positive news from Friday’s results.

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displaced population

Previously, there were conflicting reports on the ground about the building’s tenants and their attempts to find temporary housing through social services.

Carmichael Outreach is located right on the road that caught fire. They sheltered about 30 people who came out of the burning building.

Carmichael began coordinating with the mobile crisis, the Red Cross and social services while the tenants prepared.

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Regina Fire Department responds to apartment fire

Carmichael told Global News that of the 15 people who took the social services route, 13 were housed while 2 were rejected.

In a statement provided to Global News, the Department of Social Services said: “We understand that everyone who came to social services on Thursday either had a place to stay, or we were able to connect them to a shelter.

“Work is ongoing with our community partners to support affected individuals to continue accessing emergency shelter as needed, and to link them to support to initiate arrangements for long-term housing options.”

Fire crews respond to a fire on 1800th Street of Halifax Avenue.

Troy Charles / Global News

fire investigations

The fire started in the five-unit building just after 9 a.m. Thursday.

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When the crews arrived at the scene, the entire building was on fire and smoke was rising from the inside.

And it took the work teams about three hours to control the fire.

Due to the fire, the building faced a great deal of structural stability issues and a collapsed roof, which made entry for firefighters at the time unsafe.

Late Thursday night, an excavator was brought in and parts of the building were demolished so crews could reach areas of the fire still burning and put out the flames completely.

In the next few days, the entire building will be dismantled, dismantling it layer by layer.

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Once the disassembly is done, fire investigators will be able to determine where the fire started and the cause of the fire.

The deputy fire chief, Jordan Hewitt, explained the process of using heavy machinery to secure and stabilize the building while still not sure there were any bodies inside.

“It’s a very sensitive process,” Hewitt said. “We need to ensure the safety of our investigation team while also being vigilant and realizing that there are still victims inside.”

Hewitt added that they determined from fire patterns and signs that the fire originated in the unit’s kitchen, but that a full understanding of the cause would take longer.

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