RCMP briefs: Officers assaulted in Selkirk, man with knife detained in Dauphin – Winnipeg

Two men were arrested after a dispute in Selkirk that ended with a suspect attacking police officers.

Judge Langlois, 26, and Riley Adams, 24, both face weapons charges.

On January 11, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said Adams hit Langlois with his car and then chased after him with a firearm. This, after police said Langlois smashed a window in Adams’ car.

The two were arrested near Mersey Street in Selkirk. A BB pistol resembling a pistol was found in the snow near the scene.

Police seized BB gun.

Langlois was arrested without incident, but it was found that he was carrying a domestic weapon, a piece of cloth with a large stun at the end according to the police.

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Meanwhile, police say Adams assaulted two officers when he was arrested. The officers sustained minor injuries. Adams faces assault charges.

Knife-carrying man arrested in Dauphin

A 30-year-old man was arrested in Dauphin for carrying a knife and refusing to comply with the police.

Police were called to 11th Avenue SW in Dauphin on Wednesday afternoon and were told there was a man carrying a knife inside a house. When the police arrived, they were told that the man had fled on foot.

He was a short distance away, and when the elements approached him, he took out the knife. The officers asked him to lay down his weapon, but he refused. Then he was electrocuted and arrested.

Kyle Sutherland faces assault and weapons charges.

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