Raiola al San Raffaele, ‘controlli sotto anestesia’ – Sport

The news surprises the world of football and absorbs it. Mino Raiola, one of the world’s most famous sports agents, is hospitalized in San Raffaele in Milan where – according to sources close to the hospital – he underwent an operation. At first there was talk of an emergency operation but later it was determined that the intervention had been planned for some time. Respect for privacy does not allow you to learn more, and at the same time the news spreads around the world and is re-launched by almost all Italian and foreign newspapers. A few hours later, Raiola’s crew responded emphasizing hospitalization but not emergency intervention: Mino Raiola, they specified, “underwent normal medical exams that required sedation. These are scheduled exams, there was no emergency intervention.” It has nothing to do with Covid, the health problems that would have emerged some time ago that prompted Raiola to take the first checks in Monte Carlo. Then the option to contact San Raffaele in Milan where the public prosecutor is currently under surveillance. In any case, Raiola still has anxiety, an example of a self-made man, a powerful agent, who is hard to challenge. In his hands are the fates of the most talented players on the planet such as Haaland, de Ligt, Donnarumma, Pogba, Verratti. A superb strategist with an exceptional flair for business, a champion in snatching and imposing his terms on clubs. A long way from Nocera Inferiore to Holland, specifically to Haarlem where – at the end of the eighties – McDonald’s took over and entered the world of business. At the age of twenty he founded the Intermezzo brokerage. The rest is history. With Nedved turning against Juventus, then Ibrahimovic, then Balotelli. A unique and unrepeatable career to the votes of millions, many, for some. Raiola speaks seven languages, has a chaotic appearance, has highways, and has made himself more than just an enemy, but in his own way he is the protagonist and the undisputed champion of superhero football. A working lion is able to overcome any obstacle, including health problems that force him to go down to a hospital bed at these hours.

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