Quirinale: Renzi, oggi riunione con grandi elettori Iv, sono 45 – Politica

“Today we are meeting with the senior voters of Italia viva, who are 45 years old, and therefore not a huge number, to decide how to help with the choice.” This is how Italia viva leader Matteo Renzi spoke about the elections for the next head of state, guesting on “Today is a another day” on Rai Uno.

“We – as Renzi said – need a 7-year president who has, among the main objectives, helping the government manage the end of the pandemic, spend European money and confirm the Atlantic alliance. We need to understand whether the center -right, which has more numbers From the left of the center, he will have the possibility to make a proposal or not.” On the hypothesis of the mandate from Mattarella, he added: “I don’t see all the political forces asking Mattarella to stay, do you think Salvini will ask him to do so?”.

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