Quirinale: al via vertice del centrodestra. G.Letta: ‘Interessa generale sia la guida di tutti’ – Politica

The center-right summit began in the Quirinale, in Villa Grande, the Roman residence of Silvio Berlusconi. Along with the former Prime Minister there are the leaders of Liga and Fratelli d’Italia, Matteo Salvini and Georgia Meloni and the president of Coraggio Italia, Luigi Brugnaro. Gianni Lita is also present in Villa Grande.

“climate Serenity and evaluation of public interests Of the public good, first of all, The guide should be for everyone who takes responsibilityThe task of electing the head of state. I hope it will take place in this atmosphere of quiet sharing, harmony and a common commitment to the common good,” said Letta, leaving the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli after David Sassoli’s funeral.

“After 30 years, the center-right has a historic opportunity to make an absolute level choice that doesn’t have to be a left. For 30 years the left has been the one who gave the cards, let’s say 30 years later, I think the center-right is everyone else’s Quirinale too. Titles, as well Numbers to play his game. Nobody can say “Berlusconi no, you don’t” because he was prime minister three times. I am at work because I want to give Italians a picture of competence,” Salvini said in the morning at the Olympic Village in Rome on the sidelines of an electoral initiative to support Simonetta Mattone in light of the alternatives.

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