Premio Wondy, i finalisti 2022 e la nuova giuria tecnica – Libri – Altre Proposte

ROME – The sixth winner has been selected in the fifth edition of the Wondy Prize for Literature steadfast, consisting of: “Cercando il mio nome” (Feltrinelli) by Carmen Barbieri, “Three Drops of Water” (Mondadori) by Valentina D’Urbano, “La Tigre di Noto” (Neri Pozza) by Simona Lo Iacuno, “White is the color of damage” (Einaudi Stile Libero) by Francesca Manucci, “The Art of Connecting People” (Einaudi) by Paolo Melon and “Ciao life” (The Ship of Theseus) by Giampiero Rigosi.
The project was born in 2018 in memory of journalist and writer Francesca Del Rosso (1974-2016), known as Wondy and author of the volume “Wondy – Or How to Become a Superhero Recovering from Cancer” (Rizzoli, 2014) in which he spoke with irony and courage how he dealt with the disease.
The six final works selected by the Promotion Committee, assisted by a group of “Wondy Sono Io” readers along with the curators, will then be presented to two judges, one technical and one popular. The Awards Ceremony will take place at the Manzoni Theater in Milan on May 2, 2022.
“Saying resilience is a challenge to those who express themselves through writing, and it is even more difficult to do so in the context of the global events that have marked the past two years. However, it is precisely in moments like these that awareness – the fine deeds we do become through the award And the activities of the “Wondy is me” association are more important. We are pleased to receive many valid proposals and various testimonies for the possibility of facing life’s obstacles in a positive way and turning difficulties into opportunities “said Alessandro Milan, President of the “Wondy sono io” association.
A new artistic jury was also announced on January 14, and is appointed annually from a group of journalists, academics, writers and personalities from the worlds of culture and communication. This edition is also headed by Umberto Ambrosoli, lawyer and essayist, and consists of: Viola Ardoni, winner of the fourth edition of the Wondy Award; Silvia Avalon, Silvia Palestra, Jonathan Pazzi, Luca Dini, Chiara Vignoglio, Vittorio Lingiardi, Emmanuel Nina and Gianni Torchetta.
The winner, decided by the artistic jury, will receive a prize of €5,000 and a painting by Luca Trident. A prize of €2,000 will also be awarded to the winner designated by a popular jury, who will be able to express their preference by voting on the prize’s social pages until 11.59pm on May 1, 2022.

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