Poste: nuove figure professionali per gestione dell’energia – Poste News

(ANSA) – Rome, January 14 – The training of Energy Management Experts (Ege) continues at the Post Office, a modern, multidisciplinary professional who is invited to work in the context of the new European energy market. In a note, Poste explains, Ege is called upon to better explain the changes that have affected the sector in the past decade, having altered the balance of interests between consumers, energy suppliers, network operators, and energy service companies. The expert in energy management combines technical skills with a solid foundation in environmental, economic and financial matters, business management, and communications. Moreover, it naturally lends itself to the role of Energy Management System Manager within the ISO 50001 standard. Currently, in Poste, Ege technicians are 11 (3 central and 8 regional) “and to obtain this title they have followed a certification process that also guarantees their professionalism and skills in the foreign market,” the company explains. (Dealing).

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