Police in Italy see red after being given pink face masks

An Italian police union has complained after officers were given pink FFP2 masks to wear on duty.

A number of pink masks have been assigned to police forces in several Italian provinces during the COVID-19 pandemic in recent weeks.

But a union of Italian police officers denounced the move, saying the color could “damage the institution’s image”.

In a letter to the head of the national police force, the Secretary General of the Independent Police Association (SAP) protested the masks.

Stefano Paoloni said the pink masks were “inappropriate” for officers and described the decision to approve the purchase as “baffling”.

“We call for immediate action to ensure colleagues are working with masks of a different color, such as white, blue, blue or black,” statment added.

“anyway [masks should be] Consistent with the State Police uniform, and avoid devices of other colors or with any decorations considered wholly inappropriate.”

The union added that it was not biased against color but objected due to police officers’ strict dress code policy.

In Italy, face masks are mandatory in all indoor and outdoor public spaces, while FFP2 masks must be worn when using public transport or entering theaters, concert halls and cinemas until April.

the SAP added later Pink masks were distributed to officers in the provinces of Pavia, Varese, Ferrara, Syracuse, Venice, Sondrio and Como. The union claims to have 20,000 members – about 1/5 of Italian police officers.

“Respect for the uniform does not come from the colours, but from the behavior and work of the men and women who wear it,” Italy’s Deputy Minister for Infrastructure, Teresa Bellanova, said on Twitter.


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