Piovani, prima opera lirica è Amorosa Presenza – Musica

The curtain opens on “Amorosa Presenza,” the first opera by Academy Award winner Nicola Biovani directed by Chiara Moti that will debut at the Giuseppe Verdi Opera House on Friday, January 21 (8.30 p.m.), the world premiere, marking the opening of the 2022 opera and ballet season. Today , during a press conference, was presented the opera, the script of which was written by Aisha Cirami and Nicola Biovani, freely inspired by the novel “The Presence of Amorosa” by Vincenzo Cirami. Mayor Roberto Dipiazza and Deputy Mayor Serena Tonell also participated in the conference.
“Harmonious Presence” is a fictional story set in a 70’s fantasy city but with current features. It tells the story of two characters, Orazio (Giuseppe Tommaso) and Serena (Maria Rita Compatelli) who decide to meet in the shoes of the opposite sex in order to overcome their shyness. The work looks for the masculine and feminine side of each of us, avoiding irony and looking for a more intimate and authentic feeling. The friendship that develops between the two heroes is worth more than the love they have sought in other manifestations.
“We have dusted off an idea some forty years ago—says Biovanni—written with the poet Vincenzo Cerami and which reappeared in an interview three years ago in Trieste, convincing me to take it again.
In this project I wanted to be very loyal; What goes into the sound and the result should sound like me and I hope to succeed. Along with the Academy Award winner, director Chiara Moti expressed her great satisfaction with working alongside the composer: “It was important to see alive with the amount of passion and dedication the master wanted to devote even to the simplest gestures of the actors. Meticulous attention to detail, gestures and appearance is the essence of the work itself which evokes the classics of Biovani in every nuance and also speaks to the Italian world in the finest senses of the word. It was a joy.”
Amorosa Presente is a two-act opera whose first idea dates back to 1977, even before the Serami novel was published. The writer spoke about it with Piovani while the book was still being written and the latter seemed an ideal subject for an opera library. Biovani and Sirami obtained an oral commission from the Athens Opera and began to work hard on the set and verses, but at a certain point, the Greeks disappeared. Then Biovani and Sirami suggested working in Italy “with much shame and humility” but to no avail. I even “received a phone call from Dr. Antonio Tasca, director of the Verdi Theater, who suggested that I resume this project,” says the musician today.

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