Pininfarina disegna ‘camion robot’ del colosso cinese Baidu – Economia

(ANSA) – Turin, Jan. 13 – Pininfarina designs the self-driving electric truck for Chinese web giant Baidu. Equipped with 11 cameras on board, infrared detector, millimeter wave radar and Lidar sensor, the truck achieves the goal of full self-driving and long-range detection of more than one kilometer.

Designed by Pininfarina Shanghai, the Chinese studio of the Italian design house, DeepWay Xingtu is the first fully developed intelligent energy truck in China, precisely tailored to operating scenarios, and fully meets the basic requirements of intelligent driving.

“To achieve commercial success, autonomous driving must use advanced technology that creates new products that offer the best possible experience. This new generation of vehicles is not just a modified truck at all, it is an automated truck,” said Yun Bing Wang, Vice President. and general manager of self-driving technology in Baidu.

“DeepWay’s trust in Pininfarina has generated a successful partnership. Having the support of Baidu and LionBridge gives DeepWay an advantage rooted in autonomous driving technology, shipping and logistics, combined with a team of experienced professionals. It has created timeless beauty through its values ​​of elegance, purity and innovation.” The two sides came together to create a truck model with pure, futuristic and technological lines, marking a milestone for both.Pininfarina Shanghai Manager.(Deal).

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