Per le aggressioni al Duomo, il 18enne resta in carcere. La vittima: ‘Soffocavo’ – Cronaca

He should stay in prison Mahmoud Ibrahim, il 18enne Two days ago, I stopped, with a 21-year-old from Turin, at the Milan investigation into sexual assaults in Piazza del Duomo on New Year’s Eve. This is what the investigating judge in Milan decided Raffaella Mascareno who approved the arrest and ordered the precautionary measure of the young man accused of mass sexual violence, theft and injury in the flight squad investigations, coordinated by the aide Letizia Manila And it’s evening Alicia Minegazzo. For the young judge who has ‘noted dangerous’, he acted “in a ‘herd’ manner” to gratify his ‘motives, in contempt for any form of respect for the person’.

From what became known, the investigative judge ordered the detention of the prison, as well as verifying the validity of the arrest of the 18-year-old girl due to an incident of mass sexual violence on Four girls near the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, while he did not recognize the serious evidence against him in the case, in which the prosecutor has long contested a competition with the 21-year-old from Turin, over the attack on two victims in the corner with Via Mazzini. It was this last episode that the video made by Shahid went viral on the internet in recent days and went viral.

brutal violence – Mahmoud Ibrahim showed “a clear and conscious adherence to the criminal enterprise of the group of men who attacked the “victims” on charges of Violence so brutal that, thanks to the accidental intervention of some rescuers, it did not lead to other and more serious consequencesInvestigating judge Mascareno wrote into the prison order for the 18-year-old who was arrested two days ago as part of the investigation into the New Year’s attacks in Milan.

Investigating judge Ibrahim stabbed ‘Risk of repeat crime’, because “serious indications of condemnation have been collected about the violent abuse of young girls, resulting in mass sexual violence in which the ‘herd’ acted knowing they could take advantage of the New Year’s festivities to ensure impunity.” Attending “Ibrahim – we read – with the rest of the group.” 40/50 people which surrounded the abused persons, undoubtedly contributed not only to the reinforcement of the criminal intent of competitors and to facilitate their aggressive behavior, but also to the intimidation of young girls and, in particular, to thwarting attempts to defend and deter assets from the same. “.

Victims were used by him and the others “as they wished”. There is also The danger that a ‘young man’ could effectively ‘contaminate’ sources of evidence, hinders the normal course of investigations and the subsequent development of the procedural process, and the ability to agree with other participants in the violence on appropriate formulas to be presented to investigators capable of misleading investigations. Real danger of escaping“.

Victim’s Tale We were overwhelmed by this crowd. We were pushed from behind, we hit those who pushed us forward. We are so falls, and finding myself on the ground, unable to get up and feeling suffocated, I began to think I was dying. I was. terrified of fear, while my friend screaming. I couldn’t, the situation overwhelmed me and I lost my breath.” As stated in the warrant issued against the 18-year-old girl who was arrested for sexual violence on New Year’s Eve in Milan, one of the four girls who were attacked near the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II put it on record.


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