Per il Quirinale Salvini cerca una soluzione rapida, condivisa – Politica

“I don’t take part in full names, I leave it to others. I am working for a quick election of center-right foundations after thirty years. I think rotating the Quirinale is also a good thing.” And so Lega leader Matteo Salvini is at an election date in Porta Portez to support centre-right candidate Simonetta Marton for an annex in Rome. “I’m working discreetly for a quick, joint, and correct selection.” Then he adds, “I think Draghi has to keep doing what he’s doing, he can’t give up on the work in progress.”

“Exactly yes,” a budget change is needed immediately because in 2022 the increase in electricity prices alone will cost “30 billion to households and businesses.” Salvini explained that on the other hand, “we need a revival decree for all economic activities” affected by the anti-Covid restrictions “but the energy issue does not need a decree: 30 billion is needed. It seems clear to me that 3 billion is only the first step, but if I were a cyclist, I would have been more worried than Quirinale about the issue of exorbitant energy. I hope the government will give this answer before the election of the President of the Republic.”

“Berlusconi is a unique leader, able to dictate the rules of politics thanks to the massive unanimity obtained. It was at Quirinale and Draghi at Palazzo Chigi that they made up a perfect pair, made up of two authentic scorers.” And so on Sky Tg24, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Justice and Deputy Forza Italia Francesco Paolo Sisto, who said “to boycott this CEO’s path would be a failure to recognize Mario Draghi’s work for the country. Because I don’t know if this is the government’s ‘better’, but it sure is. A government that is doing better than its predecessors.”

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