Party a Downing Street con Johnson la sera prima dei funerali del principe Filippo – Mondo

Alcohol and celebration the night before Prince Philip’s funeral will take place in Downing Street, where Boris Johnson’s staff will gather, in full lockdown, to salute James Slack, the prime minister’s chief communications officer. That was on April 16, 2021 and the next day the whole world will see pictures of the Queen sitting alone in the church, at her husband’s funeral, according to the rules to combat the Corona virus. The Telegraph tells it exclusively, citing new reports from the gig portal following the Prime Minister’s confessions at a Downing Street garden meeting in May 2020 when the UK was on lockdown.

According to the Telegraph, advisers and public officials gathered after work on two occasions, on April 16 last year, to greet Slack and also to fire one of the prime minister’s personal photographers. Either way, there will be no shortage of alcohol and witnesses will tell the Telegraph of people drinking and dancing late into the night. and one of the employees who will be sent to a nearby supermarket with a bag filled with bottles of wine. Also according to The Telegraph, a witness said he saw a staff member use and break in the garden the swing of Johnson’s son Wilfred.

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